What We Do

MRS Management seeks to be the foremost company offering scalable solutions for Geophysical Survey and UXO Investigation in Canada. With our customized equipment and dedicated staff we are able to ensure only the highest levels of production for our clients, even in the most challenging conditions.

What is Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)?

According to the Government of Canada, Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) are military explosives that did not explode or function as intended. Some examples of UXO are unexploded bombs, rockets, grenades, artillery shells, flares, mortars, and hazardous residues that may remain after a partial detonation. If disturbed, UXO can cause injury or death.

Over the years, hundreds of locations across Canada have been used for military training and weapons ranges. Wartime action along Canada’s coasts, and incidents involving ships, planes or vehicles carrying explosive ordnance have also created “legacy sites” where UXO may still remain today.

A simple rule of thumb is to not touch or disturb corroded metal that you find on the ground or in the water. This is a good idea even if you are not in an area that was used for military purposes.

Whether it is old or new, complete or in pieces, all UXO must be considered dangerous. Disturbing it can make it explode, causing death or injury.

If you see something that looks like UXO:

    1. Don't touch it!
        If disturbed, UXO can explode, causing death or injury.

    2. Note the location and leave the area
        Remember where you saw the object. Go back the same way you came.

    3. Call 9-1-1 or local police
        As soon as possible, report what you found by calling 9-1-1 or contacting local police.

How does MRS locate UXO?

Utilizing a range of advanced geophysical equipment, our trained professionals are proficient in detecting, removing and safety disposing of UXO. Our systematic approach to mitigating UXO risk ensures the safety of our sites for future development and use. As an ISO certified company, our procedures are proven, efficient and enforced through a robust quality control program.

Our highly trained staff are built around a core of military veterans and industry professionals who work hand-in-hand to achieve every project objective.

What does MRS do with the UXO it has found?

When our team of qualified UXO Technicians detect and confirm the presence of an unexploded ordnance, the physical condition of the ordnance will be assessed. Safe-to-move UXO will be transported to a nearby disposal point or storage facility for subsequent detonation. All non safe-to-move UXO will be left in place and disposed of immediately with mitigation measures put in place to protect the surrounding environment and any nearby infrastructure.