Aeonyx EM360

For gathering data in large and open areas, MRS utilizes the Aeonyx EM360 towed array, allowing for rapid data collection.

A fibreglass frame supporting an EM emitter towed behind a Kubota utility vehicle

The EM360 demonstrates a significant advancement in near-surface electromagnetic detection. It produces the highest available dipole moment in a towed configuration that is several times greater than the industry norm. Its powerful transmitter is capable of outputting up to 540A offering the maximum detection depth possible on a mobile platform. With full access to the raw transmitted waveform, both the on-time and off-time data can be measured in any of the X, Y or Z planes. This means that the decay series can be sampled with any number of time gates and offers excellent early time resolution.


Specific improvements of this system include:
    • Capacitor-driven transmitter capable of outputting up to 540A of current 
    • Custom developed data acquisition system with raw data recording and full waveform sampling
    • New processing techniques (early time extraction, on-time processing, variable stacking, normalization, flexible gating)
    • Selectable base frequencies ranging from 7.5 to 330 Hz
    • Orthogonal Rx coil configuration
    • Isolated electronics for significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio


The EM360 has a number of considerable advantages overthe Geonics equipment including: wider range frequency selection anywhere between (from 7.5to 330Hz), capacitor-powered transmitter capable of a significant increase in current output, raw data collection for maximum control when stacking and processing data and better isolation of electrical components for improved noise levels.