Who We Are

MRS Management, a subsidiary of Aquilini Investment Group, is the fastest growing Geophysical Survey and UXO Remediation company in Canada.

MRS prides itself on composing its staff from a core of highly trained military veterans and industry professionals, informing our decisions as a company from several decades of combined experience in the fields of Geophysics, Geographic Information Systems, and Explosives Handling.


Our Staff

A picture of Sean ScrivensSean Scrivens P. Geo.
Project Manager & Chief Geophysicist

With over 10 years experience in UXO related projects in both the private and public sectors, Sean has successfully executed over fifty UXO related projects. Throughout his career, Sean has gained extensive experience with geophysical methods especially in electromagnetics and magnetics (total field and gradient) in both terrestrial and marine environments. He has authored geophysical interpretation reports for numerous UXO projects and has contributed to the development of cutting edge geophysical technologies.

A picture of Kevin MarchKevin March
UXO Project Leader

Having spent 31 years in the Royal Canadian Navy, 16 as a Clearance Diver, Kevin has gained UXO / EOD experience nationally and internationally. As our Project Leader Kevin is responsible for the management of all our employees, the logistics and administration for all UXO projects and in conjunction with the Field Supervisor the daily operations of UXO teams. Kevin is also the Company Security Officer, ensuring MRS remain compliant with the Controlled Goods Program.

A picture of Arthur MulackArthur Mulack
UXO Field Supervisor

With over 38 accumulated years of experience and knowledge relevant to the field of UXO clearance and investigation, Art is an asset to MRS in the role of UXO Field Supervisor. Responsible for oversight and leadership of field teams, Art's knowledge of labour codes and laws and governmental policies related to safe disposal of UXO give him a distinct advantage in field operations.

A picture of Lindsay LewinLindsay Lewin
Project Quality Manager

Lead internal auditor and GIS analyst, Lindsay is responsible for ensuring MRS compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards and company policy documentation, as well as managing and constructing databases of geophysical data and maps through ARCGIS. Lindsay's background in GIS project support and information management gives her unique insight into applications of modern GIS technology for UXO projects, and her efforts in ensuring policy documents conform to strict standards were instrumental in the ISO 9001:2015 certification MRS now holds.

A picture of Ben ChurchillBen Churchill B.Sc.
Lead Field Geophysicist

Ben is responsible for data quality of all survey operations. This involves overseeing all geophysical operations including reviewing daily quality reports and processing acquired data. All data quality concerns are relayed back to the field teams for immediate resolution. Ben maintains constant communication with the Project Geophysicist providing recommendations on survey efficiency and equipment concerns.

A picture of Tyler YoungTyler Young B.Sc.
Field Geophysicist

Working closely with the Lead Field Geophysicist, Tyler runs point in field operations ensuring efficiency of his survey crew and functionality of both detection and positional equipment. Tyler is responsible for mentoring, training, and overseeing geophysical team members as well as carrying out instruction from the Project Geophysicist. The Field Geophysicist is the first line of defense against data quality issues often caught during functional tests conducted daily.